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Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Mug – Best Fly Fishing Coffee Mugs

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Mug for the best fly fishing coffee mugs!

I love to create art, but even more fun is to put it on the perfect products!

Check out how the fish wraps around the mug in the video below.






If you’d like to purchase it, you can find it here:

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My free hand drawing of fish | Jumping Rainbow Trout

jumping rainbow trout

Free hand drawing fish

Recently I hand drew a jumping trout fish out of a splash or water to catch a fly lure. I thought you might like to watch a slide show of the process. NOTE:  This was done at night as I was relaxing, so the camera shots are NOT all in the same place.  Next time, I will try and remember to place my camera holder so that I can get better frames!


I got my pic on a tee shirt and it looks GREAT! You may know from reading here that I design products for many places including  Here’s my Jumping Rainbow Trout on an awesome Tee! Check it out below:



Jumping Rainbow Trout hand drawn art

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Fishy Doodles – Fly Fishing Lures Drawing

fishy doodles fly fishing lures

This is one of my designs you may recognize:  Fly Fishing Lures! Simple ties, but they make a cute design, especially when tiled.

I drew 3 different ones and they are each unique, not too detailed as I wanted them for silhouette type images.

I use a mechanical pencil as I like the fine lines, and a white eraser helps erase any unwanted marks fully.  I love my lightpad!! It really helps me see so much better, especially the fine lines.  (I’m over 40 and wear reading glasses to draw!)

I can’t wait to show you more of my art, which is more detailed, and I can’t wait to put it on some products – it’s magic!

fishy doodles fly fishing lures


Some of the designs, I have put the flies into:


Fly Fishing Christmas Wrapping Paper

by Fishing_Hunting_Life