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Dirty but Funny~ My newest funny fishing shirt!

big girls who swallow funny fishing shirt facebook
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I rarely write a post about a t-shirt, product or design I’ve created but I’m excited I’ll be going on vacation soon, and just thought I’d share my newest funny fishing shirt!

“On Weekends I Hook Up with Big Girls Who Swallow”.  I can think of several friends on my faceobook list who will get a kick out of this shirt!

See it in my store here.

Purchase immediately at zazzle here:


The bass was hand drawn by myself and is used in many product that I have created on Zazzle.  I think I even have it in a popsocket design over at Amazon!

Here’s a better closeup of the design:

big girls who swallow funny fishing shirt

Sorry for the FUGLY “sample” across the image, but there’s thousands of FUCKTARDS out there, that will steal anything they can get their hands on, so why not make it an easier than it already is in this techy world?

If you enjoy the design, feel free to make a comment on it on our facebook page.

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